Ski Patrol members are required to provide personal equipment, though we do have some additional emergency equipment available for your use.

The Ski Patrol provides a uniform (jacket and pants) that projects a friendly and professional image while preforming a variety of functions.

The National Park Service (NPS) makes available radios, beacons, shovels, probes and snowshoes to all Ski Patrol members while on duty.

In addition to personal skis, poles, boots and bindings, Crater Lake Ski Patrol members are required to carry a day pack and have (or obtain) the following:

  1. Sturdy Pack
  2. Avalanche transceiver *supplied by NPS
  3. Probe poles *supplied by NPS
  4. Snow Shovel *supplied by NPS
  5. Radio & spare battery (at least one between the party) *supplied by NPS
  6. Compass & Park Map *supplied by NPS
  7. Patrol – Parka or Jacket or Shell and Pants *supplied by NPS
  8. Several layers /gators/ gloves /hat
  9. Ensolite pad (Large enough to keep your torso off the snow)
  10. First aid kit (with the essentials to stop heavy bleeding in the field)
  11. Headlamp
  12. Down or synthetic filled vest or jacket (for added insulation for night out with patient)
  13. Extra hat, mittens (a replacement for the one that blows off into the rim or for patient)
  14. Spare socks
  15. Extra food (power bars, dried fruit, anything that you can throw into bottom of pack for another season and forget about it)
  16. Water
  17. Lightweight nylon tarp

Training weekends include overviews of gear and supplies for patrol members.  Your personal gear is critical and an important investment.  Be prepared!