Crater Lake Ski Patrol gladly accepts donations for equipment purchases through our partner, Crater Lake Trust

The mission of the Trust is to Support, Promote and Enhance the Park. As a 501©(3) organization, the Trust is structured to accept donations and hold funds for the purpose of assisting the Ski Patrol to acquire equipment and pay for services.

Your donations will help us keep our volunteers supplied with beacons, probes and shovels. Donations help us keep our uniforms weatherproof, our expert trainers compensated, our sleds fully functional, and other necessary items.

Please give. We ask our volunteers to be prepared for backcountry rescue, and that requires many hours of training using their own equipment. Each patroller provides their personal food and transportation for patrol weekends, and we all chip in to cover other sundry expenses for our trainings.

Asking the patrol to fund all the equipment purchases and upgrades is asking a lot of these people and we need your help.

Donations are tax deductible and fully appreciated.  Thank you now for your consideration and we’ll thank you later for your gift!

Enjoy all there is to do and see and learn at Crater Lake. We got your back.